Willamina Celebrations

The Willamina Old Fashioned 4th of July is truly a community event. Each year volunteers from city government, the chamber of commerce, the business group and service clubs, as well as many individuals, spend hours and energy making sure the day of

Christmas is a time for all families in Willamina.. Starting on the first Saturday of the month, Santa joins us for our annual Parade and Lighting ceremony


Auto Fun In Willamina

Each year Willamina puts together an exciting event known as the mud drags. For those who love.. nah... CRAVE mud and muddy water, this is for you. For all the river-crossing, down and dirty, caked in mud and still surviving four-wheel drivers out there.. this one's for you!People from all over Oregon come to see the annual event.

Contact Sherry Dawkins 503-879-5676 / 503-435-8908
or Donna Nelson 971-241-7031 for times and entry forms.


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